Top Organic CBD Products

CBD oil is excellent for everyday wellness support. However, CBD is just one ingredient in the formula. In fact, sometimes CBD is the least abundant ingredient in the product. Therefore, CBD oil is only as good as its other ingredients. That’s why it’s so important you choose organic CBD products. Here’s our guide to the top organic CBD brands.

Why Choose Organic CBD Products

Organic CBD brands have been certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) . USDA-certified organic CBD products contain hemp strains grown with organic soil and other ingredients sourced without the use of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) and pesticides.

A meta-analysis of organic produce studies found that organically grown fruits and vegetables have higher nutritional content than the same foods grown conventionally. The same can be said for organic CBD.

Pesticides and other inorganic ingredients have chemical reactions with CBD and other phytocannabinoids. These interactions can alter phytocannabinoids, making for a less potent CBD oil. Therefore, buying organic CBD products ensures you’re using a pure product with enhanced benefits.

The Best Organic CBD Products & Brands

Shopping for organic CBD can be confusing. Many brands will misrepresent the purity of their products by using words like “natural” on their label. Some can even use the word organic if just one ingredient is actually organic.

That’s why it’s so important you look for a USDA-organic certification on the label of any CBD product you hope to purchase. You can also save yourself some time by shopping for these top organic CBD brands!

Joy Organics

Joy Organics is so confident in its purity that organic is even in the name! These premium CBD products are made with the highest quality ingredients. There are no additives, only ingredients that enhance the overall benefits of the formula.

Many organic CBD brands have full spectrum CBD products, including Joy Organics. Full spectrum CBD products contain up to 0.3% THC in the entire formula. While this is a negligible amount, some people might not feel comfortable using products with any THC in them .

Removing THC from the formula can be costly and time-consuming for manufacturers, which is why full spectrum formulas are most commonly used in organic CBD products. Joy Organics is one of the few organic CBD brands to have 0.0%-THC products in their catalog, too.

While containing no detectable THC, Joy Organics’ products do contain a broad spectrum of other phytocannabinoids. Like full spectrum oil, broad spectrum extract also provides the robust benefits of the entourage effect. That makes these options just as effective as their full spectrum offerings.

Joy Organics offers a wide variety of products, includingtinctures,gummies,topicals, pet products , and even massage oil . They’re a family-friendly brand that the whole house can enjoy!

Their products are premium quality and moderately priced, with free shipping available on all orders. They also have a budget-friendly subscription program that offers 20% off all auto-shipping orders. Affordable and effective, Joy Organics makes adding organic CBD to your routine a seamless and fun experience.

Cornbread Hemp

One of the most popular full spectrum organic CBD brands is Cornbread Hemp. Cornbread Hemp has a carefully curated selection of capsules, body lotions, and tinctures. Their catalog features some of the most expensive organic CBD products, but you do receive a high-quality product.

Cornbread Hemp is a proud Kentucky-born company. They use organic hemp that is derived from the Bluegrass State and work closely with their farmers to ensure potent strains for their formulas.

If you end up falling in love with Cornbread Hemp, you will get rewarded handsomely. They have one of the most intricate rewards programs on this list. You can earn one point per dollar spent, which can add up big-time.

Spruce CBD

Looking to spruce up your organic CBD routine? Look into Spruce CBD. This organic CBD brand has full spectrum CBD oil available in different potencies. This variety in CBD strength makes it very easy to tailor your regimen to meet your needs.

Spruce is the most expensive option on this list. Their products with the highest potency can average over $200 per item.

Spruce CBD prides itself on having a proprietary strain of hemp that is used to formulate all of its products. This strain was bred during the War of 1812. Spruce believes that using this time-tested strain helps provide a consistent experience across all of its product offerings.

Spruce is a fun brand to follow because they’re always coming out with small batches of products. They’re known to release seasonal items that can help you get into the spirit of things. So, be sure to check in with Spruce when seasons change and you feel like trying something different!


CBDistillery is one of the premier organic full spectrum CBD oil retailers. They are a staple in the CBD community, being long-established before the CBD boom. CBDistillery achieves this long-term support by providing high-quality products that promote consistently beneficial experiences.

This manufacturer is one of the more moderately-to-expensively-priced brands. However, their subscription service has one of the best deals. You can get up to 30% off with auto-renewal.

Subscribers are also eligible for free shipping, as long as they are subscribing to a product that is over $9. Given their price point, free shipping for an organic CBD product seems pretty guaranteed.

Speaking of guarantees, CBDistillery offers up to 60 days to get your money back if you are dissatisfied with your purchase. That’s one of the largest return windows, which makes choosing CBDistillery a low-risk option for exploring new CBD products.

R&R Medicinals

Long before cannabis became prohibited, hemp was classified as a pharmaceutical. It was a common ingredient in many over-the-counter remedies. R&R Medicinals nod to these apothecary days with their pre-prohibition-inspired packaging.

This organic CBD brand is more than just nostalgia on a label. They back up their pretty packaging with excellent CBD products.

This Colorado-based company uses organically grown Colorado hemp to formulate its creams, gummies, and tinctures. While most of their products are full spectrum, R&R Medicinals does have some THC-free products.

R&R Medicinals are moderately priced, with some of their higher-end products getting on the pricier side. Their auto-ship program is one of the least competitive, only offering 15% off for a subscription.

NuLeaf Naturals

We all have unique needs that will require different strengths of CBD. NuLeaf Naturals has you covered. They offer the most variety of CBD per serving in their full spectrum formulas. This spectrum of strengths allows more experienced CBD users to make educated decisions about their purchases.

In addition to full spectrum products, NuLeaf Naturals has embraced the emerging minor cannabinoid industry. Many of their products contain formulas that have an abundance of a specific phytocannabinoid.

These products will provide unique and targeted benefits. However, they might not provide the robust benefits of a full spectrum or broad spectrum hemp extract. Be sure to verify the phytocannabinoid content before making a purchase.

NuLeaf Naturals offers free shipping on all orders. They have one of the fastest delivery rates, with the average order arriving between 2-3 days after purchase.

Their products are priced by strength. Lower CBD formulas are very competitively priced, which makes this brand a great option for a CBD newbie. However, more potent formulas can become expensive compared to their competitors. If you find a product that you like, consider subscribing. You can save up to 20% with a subscription.

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