Transportation department has too many glitches

I never thought I’d write a letter to the editor, but I am so angry with

the Transportation Department of the Snoqualmie Valley School District

that I cannot even think straight. Suffice it to say that if I were running a

business in the private sector the way they run their school buses, I would

probably be fired.

First, the bus service on the first day of school was so poor it was

beyond pathetic. No bus ever picked up the kids who lived in Alpine

Estates. Did they miss anyone else? Then, when I called on it, they said they

were working out glitches. Excuse me? Glitches? Aren’t you supposed to

do that before school starts? Aren’t you supposed to do dry runs to make

sure every child will be picked up on time and be at school on time?

It got worse after school. My child returned home an hour and

fifteen minutes after school let out. Hmmm…another “glitch”? Then,

they forgot to pick up my p.m. kindergartner both days. This was after I

called to confirm he was on their pick-up route.

Just what the heck is going on? The worst part is I called to speak to

the transportation supervisor, Bill Schoentrup. No answer but a

voice mail. I left a message to have him call me. He never did. When I called

back, his mailbox was full! Guess other parents wanted to voice their

concerns also. He has never called me back.

There is no excuse for these kinds of “glitches.” I also work in

government (so I don’t want to hear about government bureaucracy). I write

policies and procedures and conduct audits. I oversee staff and budget

issues and fleet services. If I performed as poorly as he has, my boss would

have me demoted or canned.

Eric Sano

North Bend