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Letters | Let’s all be adults and move on

November 5, 2013 · 9:57 AM

It is most interesting that a small group of extremists cannot accept that the majority of our country’s citizens do not share their point of view.

Our President was elected twice by popular vote. If he was the product of a monarchy, he would have been born a prince, and his father or mother a king or queen. Demonizing him at every turn does not further your cause.

This country most certainly is a constitutional republic, but it is also a democracy. Therefore the majority prevails; also a fact taught in civics class. A claim by folks on the political fringe (left or right) that they are the majority is patently false. Just because the majority of people with whom you surround yourself agree with your opinion does not mean that a majority of the electorate agrees.

As to the Affordable Care Act being the result of a totalitarian government, that is laughable. It was approved by both the Senate and the House, signed by the President, and upheld by the Supreme Court. Therefore all three branches of government approved it. A review of our constitution will bear this out. It’s the law, whether you agree with it or not. Get over it.

The sad thing is that these individuals have not learned that the way to change government is by working within rather than trying to destroy it. It’s time to accept that in life, one does not always get his or her way. A temper tantrum by a small, noisy group leads to a loss of credibility for their cause. Tea Party people, I respect your right to hold your point of view, but you’ve lost this fight. Let’s be adults and move on. A failure to do so will result in your group being relegated to no more than a footnote in this nation’s history, like the Know Nothing Party or the Wobblies.

Dan Olah

North Bend


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