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Letters | Stand strong, Reichert, says local Tea Party coordinator

October 14, 2013 · 10:13 AM

Mr. Matlock (Oct 4, http://www.valleyrecord.com/opinion/letters/226948551.html) may have missed the part in eighth grade civics that we are a constitutional republic not a kingdom; that the branches of government are designed to act as check against abuse, not a rubber stamp for the king!

Did he skip the lesson that only the House, not the Senate nor President may originate bills to pay for what they deem appropriate? It was the Democratic senate that refused to sign the “clean” bill the house already voted on responsibly funding veterans and needful government agencies. It is the Democrats that have held the entire federal government and you and me hostage with ridiculous abuses for their reach for totalitarian control of our lives; so-called Obamacare. The vast majority don’t want it and voted in a Republican congress to stop the train wreck that even now is throwing people out of full time employment. It’s time to stand strong or lose what used to be our free nation.

Following Obama’s pattern of Chicago-style gangster abuse, he has ordered his shock troops in every agency to abuse the people; often in the most egregious and petty manners like ordering apparently scarce manpower to block World War II veterans from visiting war memorials and unnecessarily barricading roads with armed agents ; anything to make a scene and make it hurt. That’s how Democrats work, coercion and dependency, a game plan that has worked for two centuries.

The rule of law means nothing to these socialcrats who will stop at nothing to drive you and me into their debasing circle of poverty and dependency. That infamous supreme court decision forcing me to be a slave of the state plantation will weigh in with Dred Scott (slavery) and the Japanese internment as one of the worst decisions ever - but even a bad decision can be checked by The People who spoke in the last House election. So I say, “Stand strong, Dave Reichert.”

Steve Marquis

Area Coordinator Eastside TeaParty

Fall City


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