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Letters | Give us a choice: Plastic or paper bags

April 8, 2013 · 3:46 PM

I hate to spend my time writing about something as trivial as grocery bags, but there are people who think that plastic bags are the greatest evil on earth—worse than abortion or marijuana!—and they want to ban plastic bags.

It’s hard to stand and fight for plastic bags when they are so trivial. But they have value. I use them for our wastebaskets. I use them for litter in my car. Many people use them for kitty litter and doggie-do (every day). Plastic bags beat paper when it comes to damp groceries (like produce, ice cream, etc). Plastic bags are easier for senior citizens to carry. If some people like cloth (or paper), good for them! They can keep using what they like. But the rest of us should be allowed to make our own choices. This is America (at least for now).

If the cloth/paper users want to promote their choices, they are welcomed to do so; and if they can convert more people, then the laws of supply and demand will naturally reduce the use of plastic. That’s how a free America would work. Studies show that cities that have banned plastic bags end up losing income and experiencing a rise in unemployment because people will shop in the adjacent unbanned communities. Shoplifting also increases when everyone brings in their own bags.

Plastic bags are made in America and contribute to employment. If you agree that plastic bags should not be banned, trivial as they are, you better fight for them, just so you retain your right to choose.

Valerie King

North Bend


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