CAO editorial writer is wrong

Just read Tim Trohimovich's (1000 Friends of Washington, I'll call him Mr. T) guest editorial in the Valley Record (Dec. 1) on King County's Critical Area Ordinance (CAO). He makes the CAO sound like motherhood, apple pie and Chevrolet. How could we, even rural landowners, possibly be against it? But what the CAO really is, is just more nanny government telling us how, where, when and why we should live, using hundreds of pages of regulations, restrictions, limitations and outright land confiscation to do it. Mr. T thinks landowners, trying to repeal the CAO and protecting their constitutional rights, makes them dog-eat-dog folk that engage in unfounded rhetoric. Unfortunately, Mr. T is blinded by his own immersion in radical environmentalism and obviously has never studied the U. S. Constitution. He believes that the so-called collective good supercedes the rights of the individual and that environmental wish lists trump Constitutional law.

One of Mr. T's goals, using the CAO, is to keep our rural areas rural (his words). How arrogant and naïve of Mr. T to assume the rural areas are his and that he, the politicians and the city folk have every right to apply draconian ordinances to those lands so that they can have their rural land kept rural. Mr. T's idea of rural is a pristine National Park where only animals can roam free, not people. Because you see, like most environmentalists, Mr. T thinks that humans are a stain on the Earth and must be herded like cattle into big cities, where they ride mass transit and live like rats in a cage. In this scenario (it's called smart growth) his rural areas become mandated to remain rural.

What Mr. T really wants to do is to steal our rural land, using government to pass laws that take away the use of our land, without having to pay for it. But he forgot one thing. Some Americans actually believe in the Constitution and are willing to fight for their rights, under that Constitution.

The reality is that Mr. T and his ilk are the problem, not the solution. Rural landowners are already good stewards of their land, without any help from government. Government is just plain out of control and if we are ever to regain our freedoms, WE THE PEOPLE will have to rein in Government and the Mr. T's in a big way. But take heed Mr. T, the crescendo is rising. Thousands of landowners across America are becoming enraged and their anger cries out for justice. Listen for it. It is on its way to a Government or environmental office near you. The Mr. T's have had their day. Now it's our turn.

Ron Ewart

Fall City

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