Lucas Clegg of South Dakota navigates a difficult obstacle for critical points in the unicycle trials competition. (Evan Pappas/Staff Photo)

North Bend hosts successful unicycling convention, championship competitions

More than 200 people from around the country came to North Bend last week for the North American Unicycle Convention and Championships. North Bend was the host city of the NAUCC (July 16 to 22) for the first time since 2002.

Aaron Johnson, local director for the NAUCC 2017, said the event was a success with participants coming from as far away as Yellowknife, a city in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

“We’ve got a total of about 250, and they are coming from everywhere,” Johnson said. “We’ve got a guy from Yellowknife, we’ve got several from Montreal, Florida, California, New Mexico, and large contingencies from Madison, Wisconsin and Minneapolis, Minnesota. People from clubs in those areas and everywhere else scattered in between.”

The participating cyclists competed in a variety of events from obstacle course trials, a 10k race, basketball, hockey, and freestyle events.

Each athletes’ scores in the event count toward entry into Unicon, the bi-annual international unicycling championships, which will be held in Seoul, South Korea, in 2018.

Johnson said he has been receiving very positive feedback about the venues and organization from the athletes and spectators.

“So far I’m getting positive feedback that this is one of the best venues they have ever seen. Most of these people weren’t here in 2002… but the feedback from everyone is ‘you live in a beautiful place,’” he said.

He also wanted to recognize all the hard working volunteers who helped put on the event. With the Snoqualmie Valley Unicycle Club hosting the event, many of the members have also been active in helping to organize the event along with preparing to participate.

Johnson said the support from local volunteers has inspired some of the visitors to help out, as well.

“The contagiousness of the SVUC volunteers is making everybody else jump in, everybody is willing to help and things are going so smoothly,” he said. “That is a testament to our community. These volunteers are helping us immensely. It’s the spirit of the Valley, everyone helping out.”

A cyclist form Canada makes a 240 centimeter long jump. (Evan Pappas/Staff Photo)

Augie Tourdot of California gets some quick points during the trial competition. (Evan Pappas/Staff Photo)

Sam Holmes of the SVUC basketball team, breaks away from the Golden State Revolution opponent. (Evan Pappas/Staff Photo)

Trevor Bradshaw stops, stays under control, and shoots for 2 points. (Evan Pappas/Staff Photo)

John Foss from Sacramento gets the ball away from the Snoqualmie Valley Unicycle Club’s basketball team. (Evan Pappas/Staff Photo)

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