Out of the past: Snoqualmie officials consider four-digit addressing; North Bend pedestrians take safety matters into their own hands

  • Friday, January 5, 2018 1:30am
  • Life

The following stories happened this week, 25 and 50 years ago, as reported in the Snoqualmie Valley Record. From the Record’s archives:

Thursday, Jan. 7, 1993

• Snoqualmie officials are nearing a consensus to change addresses throughout the city. Street names will stay the same, but addresses would change from the three-digit city number to a four-digit number corresponding to King County maps. The change is designed to coordinate Snoqualmie with a county numbering system to make it easier to locate addresses.

• Rick Scheuer was recently elected president of the Riverview School Board, replacing Cheri Stefani, who stepped down after three years. “Getting the Cedarcrest Plan fine-tuned and underway is our biggest goal,” said Scheuer. Other goals include moving the community-based Rivervision 2000 project beyond the organization stage, and reviewing facility needs and potential for bonds and levies.

Thursday, Jan. 4, 1968

• A number of drivers continue to ignore the supposed sanctity to pedestrians of North Bend’s crosswalks, a fact that gave Town Council concern this week. Councilman Lamar Gaines recounted an eyewitness story that gave people hope there might be a way to defend themselves without body armor. “A gentleman… in the crosswalk and a car buzzed right by him without even attempting to stop. He reached into his bag and grabbed a bottle of beer and christened that car before it could get by him.” The council decided to ask both the town police and the State Patrol to keep a sharp pencil handy for citations to those motorists who seem to use pedestrian crosswalks as target zones.