Mary Hutter leads a group on a tour of the various “Twin Peaks” filming locations throughout the Valley Sunday, as a precursor to North Bend’s premiere party for the long-awaited season three. (Mary Miller Photo)

Devoted fans welcome premiere of ‘Twin Peaks’ in North Bend

More than 60 people from all over the world gathered in North Bend for the “Twin Peaks” season three premiere party at Compass Outdoor Adventure on Sunday, May 21.

Hosted by the city of North Bend and the Downtown North Bend Foundation in partnership with Compass Outdoor Adventure, Georgia’s Bakery, the Snoqualmie Brewery and local Twin Peaks fans, the day of the premiere was a busy one. Jessica Tate, manager of the North Bend Visitor Information Center and one of the organizers of the event, said the event had people participating in “Twin Peaks” filming location tours during the day, followed by the premiere that evening.

Mary Hutter led the day’s filming location tours, around North Bend, and Snoqualmie and Fall City to the various recognizable locations featured in the original series in the ’90s.

At 6 p.m., the show began with a live East coast feed of the two-hour premiere at Compass. Tate said the event sold out and packed the room with people eager to see the long-awaited return of “Twin Peaks.”

“We were the first event there at Compass, everybody loved the space,” she said. “We capped out tickets at the viewing party for 50, but we probably had 60-plus because there were other volunteers and people.”

Tate said locals made up a minority of the attendees at the event, with most from around the country and some international visitors.

“The closest were from Seattle, a lot of California and a super surprising amount of international visitors,” she said. “Sweden, Germany and all over the United States, Florida, L.A., San Francisco.”

The event also had the support of various local businesses and fans who provided food and drinks, as well as items from the show itself. DirtFish’s Twin Peaks Sheriff Department truck was at the event along with Georgia’s Bakery-supplied pie and donuts, and the Snoqualmie Brewery’s Twin Peaks-themed beer Ghostwood Kolsch.

A motorcycle on display was the very bike that belonged to the character James Hurley in the show. Owner, Arlie Becker, who bought the bike from actor James Marshall, brought it for the event.

Tate was glad to see the event become a success and expects the Valley to continue to see renewed interest from Twin Peaks fans.

“It was a huge success and something we’ve never done before and we went out on a limb,” she said “People appreciate that these municipalities, North Bend and Snoqualmie, are doing this stuff.”

The Twin Peaks filming location tour group gathers for a picture. (Mary Miller Photo)

Tour guide and event coordinator Mary Hutter has fun with her group of “Twin Peaks” fans as they explore the Valley. (Mary Miller Photo)

A Peaks fan poses for a photo with the original motorcycle used in the first season of Twin Peaks. It was brought to the premiere event by owner Arlie Becker. (Mary Miller Photo)

A fan mugs with a fake cup of coffee as part of the Red Room set in Compass Outdoor Adventures. (Mary Miller Photo)

One of the most iconic Twin Peaks locations, the Red Room, was recreated inside Compass Outdoor Adventures in North Bend. (Mary Miller Photo)

Shelley Woodward, owner of Selah Gifts, gets ready for the premiere. (Mary Miller Photo)

The smokestack and warehouse at DirtFish were part of the filming locations for the new season of Twin Peaks. (Mary Miller Photo)

Fans dressed as characters from the show posed for photos on Ronette’s Bride, during Sunday’s tour of filming locations for North Bend’s “Twin Peaks” premiere party. (Mary Miller Photo)

Luke Talbott, owner and CEO of Compass Outdoor Adventures, takes a seat in the red room inside his business. (Evan Pappas/Staff Photo)

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