Voters deserve a public forum with Snoqualmie mayoral candidates | Letter

I am very disappointed that there will be no public forum for the candidates for Mayor of Snoqualmie.

I understand that the Oct. 17 forum for all Snoqualmie candidates at the Snoqualmie Casino in the evening will not have Matt Larson in attendance. The only other forum is Oct. 25, organized by the Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce at noon with the fee of $35 for the lunch.

I have had several persons ask me about and wanting to attend, but they can’t afford a $35 lunch. I understand that the Chamber wants a forum during their lunch meeting and they aren’t making a profit off the event, but I really wish they could add chairs, or something, in the back of the room for those who don’t want or can’t afford the meal.

There was a very good turnout in the primary forum for the five mayoral candidates in the evening in August by the Chamber. Is there anything the public can do about this?

Carol Peterson