Thanks to all for successful Fall City Day 2017 | Letter

Thank you to all who came to our street fair. We appreciate your patronage and hope to give back a lot of dollars in the fall to our non-profit community groups and schools in the Snoqualmie Valley.

So many people volunteer to put on the entire event. The fun run (start to finish) is led by the Harrises and the Wilkinses, who are in a class by themselves. Computer input, ordering supplies, lining up sponsors and organizing volunteers are just a few of the duties involved.

Since we have moved the date a week earlier for the past few years, due to school dismissal getting later, other races and fairs have popped up around the Valley, so we have experienced smaller crowds. A lot of work goes into putting it on whether anyone shows or not. The vendors pay in advance but would like to make some money and many do not return. We need input from the community on how to get bigger crowds. We have a few new ideas we want to implement next year, maybe laser tag in the gymnasium and a family Olympics in the school field? Just a couple of fun ideas but we need people to help.

Boy Scout Troop 425 did an amazing job again this year; everyone stepped up to cover road closure/detour shifts and cleaned up the town afterwards.

I believe we broke duck derby pre-sale ticket records this year, thanks to the Speikers and Donaldson families. The water was very cold, just ask Amy Jones, but fun to watch the duckies float their way to the finish. The parade was a hit as usual, thank you Libby, Jane, Laurie and your crew. Also a shout out to Terri Divers for securing our grand marshal every year. The Querros are such a wonderful example of our caring community rich with its own history.

We did not do a new T-shirt design as we wanted to get rid of old stock, also we do not have a design committee. We also need a publicity/public relations person as it was hard to get the date and word out, especially without a banner over the highway allowed anymore.

Thank you to Susan Walker and the SVA for putting on the watermelon-eating contest this year. Farmhouse Market again donated the produce. Rob at the Roadhouse, we thank you for helping sponsor our staff shirts this year, and the mac ‘n’ cheese with bacon is an amazing recipe we got to eat at our staff party!

Lee Alexander as usual helped me with all of the road detours, equipment issues and security. And thanks to Twin Rivers golf course for use of their gator.

We are especially grateful to all of our committee members for stepping up and covering cleanup for Terry and I as we were in Renton, meeting our first grandchild, Finn Steven born at 4:50 p.m.! (Sorry Lee, he will not be ready to be on the road crew next year.)

Cheri Enevold and Diane Lind were such a help settling the vendors in at 7 a.m., which would not have been possible had Chris Butler not helped me mark booth spaces the Wednesday before. Thank you to the Hauglies for always letting us use their office as our headquarters. Melody and Cynthia manned the merchandise booth again. Bill A. made sure all of our power needs were handled, thank you all.

Nancy Moore and Christine at CBA took care of our newsletter insert and Vanessa Allen secured our band. Enrique at El Caporal let my vendors use his kitchen and facilities, Gene Stevens graciously provides our parade stage trailer and the Gordons give us access to an extra trash dumpster. So as you can see it takes a village to put on this event and I am grateful to all in our community for showing their true home town spirit every year.

Judy Dix

Fall City

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