Tax reform package creates uneven playing field | Letter

Americans believe in a level playing field, that the same rules should apply to everybody. I do too. Playing by a different set of rules is cheating where I come from.

Yet the recent “tax reform” package passed with only Republican votes does exactly that. It creates one set of rules for folks with money, and a different set of rules for everybody else. It creates different rules for someone who sets themselves up on paper as a “business owner” than for someone doing exactly the same job who doesn’t. It creates a special set of rules for real estate investors, like the Trumps and Kushners. It embeds fundamental unfairness into law, while adding $1.5 trillion to the national debt.

Never has the distribution of wealth been so unequal in this country and now they’ve changed the rules.

Why are folks who work for a living expected to do more with less while corporations and wealthy folk can only do more if we all give them more to begin with? Welcome to 2018, it’s an election year.

Mark Joselyn

North Bend

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