Support Snoqualmie 1st candidates to have a voice in the city we love | Letter

Thank you for your coverage of our upcoming Snoqualmie mayoral and city council races. I would like to encourage fellow citizens of this beautiful city to check out the Snoqualmie 1st website:

Let’s be informed about what all our candidates stand for. Snoqualmie 1st was born from a failure of the city to communicate clearly or correct its error on plans to build a hotel on the Ridge. Whether or not you think this hotel is a good idea, we citizens were given no chance to ask questions or make their voices heard.

Because of the pressure from Snoqualmie 1st, communication and transparency on growth plans are improving.

The city council’s job is to represent all of us in Snoqualmie and act as a check and balance on the mayor. Without people who have no vested interest in expansion representing us, we will be victims of runaway growth, our beauty destroyed, outrageous water bills and traffic overwhelming the Snoqualmie Parkway.

Snoqualmie has exceeded the local requirements of the state’s Growth Management Act. Why are we growing so fast and why do we have to fight so hard for a voice in this?

Vote for the Snoqualmie 1st candidates. They will help us have a voice, and create a city we love to live in, Cristie Coffing, Lesley Sheppard, Tom Wood, Monica Lowney and Peggy Shepard for City Council. Let’s get some fresh and real representation of all our interests!

Elaine Armstrong