Snoqualmie City Diner review: The menu is not for everyone | Letter

The service is not what it was when it opened. The view is not what was advertised and customers are being charged for things they did not order.

Menu items include :

An event planner for $118,650 a year. Plans for a designer treehouse like seen on TV;

A synthetic ice rink prepared by city worker and served in front of Smokey Joe’s Tavern (it’s on the kids’ menu);

and an old favorite, the Taj Ma City Hall, really fancy and expensive, with very little nutritional value.

Ask your server, prices may vary.

At the Oct. 23 Snoqualmie City Council meeting, Kathi Prewitt admitted that “any auditor would have a cow,” over the high-price event planner.

Servers who won’t go to a table because of “strained relationships” with the host, regardless of how many people are sitting and waiting should not get a tip or vote.

The new supersize menu includes a Safeway, Bartell’s and a five-story hotel just blocks away from your kids’ school, public library and park.

These are served with supersize taxes, overspending, traffic noise and pollution, yum.

Gratuity not included.

So vote for Fuzzy Fletcher if you don’t like what is being served to you. He’s worked here before; vegetarians and meat-eaters were respected and we got what we paid for, no more, no less. He keeps an eye on the till and comes to the table.

So place your order, Nov. 7.

Kim Howard


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