Siren restoration was funded by memorials, not Peterson estate | Letter

For those of you who haven’t seen the correction in the Snoqualmie Valley Record regarding the fire siren that blows at noon, please let me explain something. The siren was repaired and made operational every day at noon Monday through Saturday with monies given to the Charles S. Peterson City Memorial Fund at the Sno-Falls Credit Union.

These funds came from the public to be used for a public memorial in my husband, Charles’, name. He was very fond of the siren and we were sorry when it quit blowing a couple of years ago due to faulty equipment.

There was no money from the Peterson estate. The memorial fund also paid for the plaque on the building telling about the siren.

Russ Wentz, son of Ed Wentz who maintained the siren for many years, got new parts and made the repairs. We were so glad that Russ was available and willing to do it.

Please think of all the volunteer firemen who responded to this alarm for many years to be called to fight fires. They were unpaid until we secured our professional department. Maybe too, you will think of Charles, when the whistle blows, as I will.

Carol Peterson


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