Shridhar deserves your vote for Port Commissioner | Letter

I am writing in support of Preeti Shridhar for Port of Seattle Commission, position 4 in the Aug. 1 primary election.

Shridhar has been a devoted public servant in King County for the past 25 years. The port plays a very important role in our region, from managing the airport to creating jobs and contributing billions of dollars into our economy.

Shridhar is the most qualified for this position. She brings years of experience and a commitment to creating opportunity, builds an inclusive economy, and protect our natural environment. She represents all our interests and has strong existing relationships with business and government organizations. She will make sure that the port works for us and continues to make strong contributions to our region.

She is always thinking outside the box and has launched several nationally acclaimed programs. I personally know Shridhar and find her to be a woman of integrity and someone who brings people together. I urge you to vote for Preeti Shridhar for Port of Seattle Commission, position 4.

Sheraz Malik

North Bend