Re-elect Ross Loudenback to North Bend City Council Position 4 | Letter

Leadership, experience, dedication. These are the traits we expect our civic leaders to embody and they describe Ross Loudenback to a tee. To this, we would add integrity.

Ross has served the city as volunteer and city councilman for over 10 years. During that time, he has helped guide the city through the end of a 10-year building moratorium and into a new age of growth with all of its challenges and issues. He is currently the chairman of the council’s Public Works and Transportation Committee and represents the city on the Public Issues Committee of the Sound Cities Association.

Over the next four years, we will begin to feel the effects of the growth we have been hearing about for the past few years. This is the time we will especially need that experienced, dedicated leadership.

Planning is well underway for many of the upgrades and improvements to our infrastructure. Seeing those improvements through to completion will be the job of the city council. Ross, as the current chairman of the Public Works and Transportation Committee, has worked closely with the city staff and is familiar with these projects and what needs to be done to see them to completion.

We urge all citizens of North Bend to vote and to vote for Ross Loudenback for City Council Position #4.

Joe and Judy Bilanko

North Bend

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