President’s barrage of untruths is undermining our democracy | Letter

The President of the United States is spreading propaganda that threatens our democracy. He has told innumerable untruths starting with false inauguration crowd numbers, that Muslim Americans celebrated on 9/11and that millions of illegal votes were cast in 2016.

Untruths are told followed with”That’s what I’ve been told. Believe me” or, if challenged, “A lot of people don’t know that.” These phrases are used to bolster falsehoods and obfuscate the truth.

Yet these untruths are planted in the minds of listeners. Almost daily the media reports them, multiplying their effect, giving them additional attention. Repeat falsehoods often and they become fact.

These untruths seem a blatant propaganda weapon used to plant doubt and sow seeds of unrest and confusion throughout the country. What other reason is there to blur the truth?

Spreading propaganda is disruptive, destructive and polarizing. Those who allow this constant barrage of misinformation are culpable enablers of a dangerous strategy to undermine our governing institutions, demean our legislators, alienate our citizenry and foreign neighbors.

Members of Congress need to take a stand, politics be damned, and speak truth to power. We are treading dangerous ground…allowing the Presidential pulpit to be utilized for telling whoppers.

Our President’s propaganda is dangerous, a strategic assault on democracy.

Charlotte Rempfer

North Bend

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