MacLean’s engagement, leadership have earned this reader’s vote | Letter

As a parent and a teacher in Snoqualmie Valley Schools, I am casting my vote for Tavish Maclean. Based on my personal interactions with Tavish, it is clear that he exhibits the qualities that I want in a school board member.

Specifically, Tavish is:

Engaged​: He is the father of a Mount Si High School graduate and two other children in the district, and witnesses firsthand the good work happening in our schools. He has also shown his passion for working with the students in our district by volunteering to coach sports teams and as a leader within Boy Scouts.

Respectful​: He listens carefully to the recommendations made by teachers and administrators from committees. He asks clarifying questions and works to ensure that all affected parties’ opinions and concerns are heard and considered before making decisions.

Inspiring​: Tavish is able to balance the drive for continual improvement with recognizing the great work already taking place. He gives teachers and administrators the room to address challenges first before proposing sweeping changes that could undo the hard work of teachers and administrators and result in lower morale.

A​ ​strong​ ​leader​: Tavish is not afraid to make decisions he believes will advance the interests of all kids in the Snoqualmie Valley School District. Even when there is vocal dissent from some groups, Tavish will respectfully hear their concerns but continue to make the tough decisions that account for the needs of all students.

Kelly Hawkins


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