MacLean will work to create environment in which all students can learn | Letter

I am writing this letter in support of Tavish MacLean running for Snoqualmie Valley School Board.

I am currently an eighth grade language arts teacher at Chief Kanim Middle School. This is my ninth year in this district, but 19th year of teaching. Being in education for that many years, I have seen board members who are able to bring together administration, teachers, and parents. Tavish is one of those board members who wants what is best for our students.

Tavish is an engaged and respectful board member. Having students in the district allows him to witness firsthand what goes on in our schools. He takes time to respectfully listen to teachers and administrators, asking questions that reflect his concern with understanding the whole picture. As a board member, he gives teachers the time to deal with the challenges new programs can bring before recommending sweeping changes to policy.

He wants this Valley to produce successful and productive citizens. He isn’t afraid to advance policies that are in our students’ best interests. Tavish will work hard to create an environment that ensures learning for all students.

Please vote for a candidate who will bring vision, expertise, and dedication to our school district.

Renee Gray

Chief Kanim Middle School teacher

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