Lower Valley needs data on flooding causes, not more meetings | Letter

King County should be embarrased at presenting the most recent attempt at a hydrology study submitted at the Sno Valley Senior Center in Carnation on April 18. The study did not tell us, the residents flooded in the Valley, how much impervious surfaces contribute to the maximum flooding events.

When you are drowning, it’s the last inch of water that kills you.

Even though the farmers and residents have previously requested this information many times, including at the initial meetings with King County over five years ago, this has not yet been done.

The hydrologist hired by King County said they would have to do a basin-wide, time-impact study to obtain this information. Yes, King County should do a basin-wide, time-impact study. We asked for this study many times and still no answer.

King County, please, not another meeting. Not another year. Not some more trivia graphs and charts that don’t prove how impervious surfaces impact the maximum flood events.

If King County and the cities are going to increase impervious surfaces, they need to create a way to reduce the maximum flooding events which are flooding our farms and homes.

If you have comments, please provide them to King County by May 3, the closing date for comments.

Bob Seana