Levies will support essential school functions in Snoqualmie Valley | Letter

Ballots have been delivered, and right now citizens of the Snoqualmie Valley have the opportunity to vote for their continued support of our local schools. There are two levies on the ballot, which replace levies currently in place, and which fund so many vital programming aspects of our schools.

As a Snoqualmie Valley School District teacher with two children in the district, I am worried that there is a continued misconception that these levies are not essential for the basic functioning of our schools. Special education, gifted education, transportation, school nurses and counselors, and a wide range of programs from art to language to computer science to extra-curricular opportunities, are all seen as “extras” in the new state budget. But these are not “extras” for our kids, who deserve schools full of rich opportunities for meeting their individual learning needs.

Our schools will truly suffer without the passage of both levies, and I implore the community to vote in favor of our kids.

Trista Bamer

Fall City

Snoqualmie Elementary School teacher

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