Letter: President’s abandoned hotel deal would have violated sanctions, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

According to Adam Davidson’s recent article in the New Yorker (March 13), it now appears that President Donald Trump’s hotel project in Bacu, Azerbaijan may have violated both U.S. sanctions against Iran and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Trump has frequently and publicly complained about these prohibitions on his deal-making.

The “Trump Tower Bacu” was built in an ugly industrial part of town. On this particular project, Trump partnered with the wealthy Mammadov family in Azerbaijan.

The Mammadovs are known to be entangled with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRG). Many observers believe the Trump Tower Bacu project was little more than a money laundering scheme for the IRG, a group believed to sponsor terrorism.

Shortly after taking office, Trump abandoned the deal. Ironically, the Trump administration is currently considering labeling the IRG a terrorist group.

Crimes may have been committed in Bacu. The American people need to know the facts. Theoretically no one, not even the President, is above the law. But Trump’s appointment of Jeff Sessions as the U.S. Attorney General will likely prevent any serious investigation. Still, I have asked Reichert, Murray and Cantwell to investigate this matter.

Peter D. Bullard