Kushner’s, Trump’s non-response to Charlottesville protest is unconscionable | Letter

The reaction of Donald Trump concerning Charlottesville is hardly a surprise. Nothing more on that matter can be said.

However, I am puzzled by the reticence of his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and his wife Ivanka Trump who are both Jewish and have Jewish children. With white supremacists marching the streets chanting “Jews will not replace us,” Mr. Kushner and his wife’s silence is unconscionable. They both are the embodiments of a “quisling,” named after the World War II Norwegian prime minister, Vidkun Quisling. Quisling aided and abetted Hitler’s “final solution” which resulted in the death of six million Jews.

A “quisling” is now a term used to describe a collaborator, or traitor. By not speaking up against the demonstration, they both gave tacit approval for those who would repeat the same atrocities of the Third Reich. Shame on them!

Dan Olah

North Bend

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