Johnson would do a wonderful job on Snoqualmie Valley School Board | Letter

The Snoqualmie Valley School District recently reported state testing results on its website, “SVSD students continue to score well above state averages in all areas tested.”

Are we good enough with state averages? What about nearby districts? Wouldn’t you typically compare against them? The SBA is the best tool we have in understanding how our schools are doing in relation to others in our state.

What the district letter didn’t tell you is that according to OSPI data, we didn’t score well, especially in math, when comparing our district’s scores to neighboring districts (Mercer, Lake Washington, Bellevue, Issaquah, Tahoma, Bainbridge). Our elementary math scores are dead last for every grade and the variance is significant. Our middle school math scores are not much better, with the exception of sixth grade.

For a visual of district test scores visit

Another concern is the disparity of our two middle schools. The demographics are similar, so why the huge difference in SBA scores between the two schools? Why haven’t I heard this discussed in board meetings? What are the board and administration doing to fix this?

I share my concerns as I believe it is time for change on our school board. I have known Melissa Johnson for many years and know that she would do a wonderful job on our school board. No matter what your child’s post-graduation plan, I believe they should have every opportunity to be successful in the path they choose. Melissa will make wise choices for our district. Please join me in voting for Melissa Johnson.

Jill Looper