Jeans has all the qualities marking a good city leader | Letter

I would like to enlist your support in re-electing Bob Jeans to the Snoqualmie City Council. I’ve known Bob for years and had the opportunity to interface with him through city functions, Rotary and local events.

After years as a Boy Scout leader, the Scout Law has stuck with me as a great measuring stick of people. I believe Bob Jeans positively demonstrates all elements of the Scout Law:

• Trustworthy – Bob has earned the trust and respect of all who know him for his efforts to make Snoqualmie the place we all want to live.

• Loyal – Bob is loyal to his personal ethic of doing the best possible job as a City Councilman, serving the citizens of Snoqualmie. This requires a significant amount of focused time and dedication.

• Helpful – Through his knowledge of fiscal management, Bob helps to maintain the high standards for restoration of our historic area infrastructure while keeping an eye on the needs of the Ridge.

• Friendly – Bob listens to all points-of-view from all parties, compliments and asks for suggestions when appropriate. Bob has a smile and kind words for everyone.

• Cheerful – Bob is very positive. He enjoys helping to find solutions for the good of the community.

• Thrifty – Bob asks in-depth questions based on his professional financial experience. He can analyze cost-benefit studies and propose alternative courses, weigh risks and evaluate rewards. This knowledge is valuable as we approach completion of Snoqualmie Ridge 2 and must evaluate new opportunities.

• Brave – Bob was the sole incumbent at a forum sponsored by the Snoqualmie Tribe, thought by some to be an inappropriate venue and somewhat biased. He is not afraid to take an unpopular position if he believes it will have the best outcome for the community.

• Reverent – Bob worships along with the rest of us in the Valley.

We are fortunate to have Bob’s leadership, knowledge and experience. Time is critical. We cannot afford to have councilmembers that require a long learning curve before quality decisions can be made. Please join me in voting to re-elect Bob Jeans for Snoqualmie City Council.

Larry D. Fischer


Treasurer, Rotary Club of Snoqualmie Valley

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