Fee for fossil fuel production is bi-partisan solution | Letter

I’m crying through the news of the people of Houston who have lost everything. I’m choking on the northwest fires, including the Quarry fire ably covered by the Snoqualmie Valley Record, and am worried about the brave people fighting these.

While we pull together valiantly as a nation, it is important to note these disasters are no longer rare. It’s time to recognize our climate is hurting our health, our safety and everything we’ve worked for.

Fortunately, there is a bi-partisan solution!

If we charged a fee for production of fossil fuels and then gave the full dividend back to every taxpayer in the United States, we would be in charge of our own fuel use. Regular families, too often taken advantage of, would come out ahead receiving about $2,000 per year (according to projections from the Citizens Climate Lobby).

Studies show this could slow or reverse the amount of greenhouse gases now causing every storm to be torrential, every drought to last too long and every tree at the mercy of ravaging beetles.

Think about this reality and let Representative Reichert know you want a solid solution now before we suffer more. He is already a member of the Climate Solutions Caucus. Let him know you support him and want action.

Elaine Armstrong


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