Fancher has the experience needed to help lead the school district | Letter

Valley residents have a terrific opportunity to help our school district as it grapples with the challenges of rising enrollment and rising expectations: Elect Gary Fancher to Snoqualmie Valley School District Director Position #4.

His service chairing the North Bend Planning Commission proves he knows how to maintain a constructive, cooperative atmosphere among people with differing interests. It’s also provided experience in the nuts-and-bolts of government, and how to work with an array of federal, state, county and municipal entities to get things done.

As the father of two young sons, Gary wants to make sure all our kids receive excellent educations, and as a homeowner, he’s keenly aware of the tax burdens faced by local families. He acknowledges teachers and staff as the foundation of all efforts to ensure a safe and supportive learning environment, and is committed to their support.

Directors of the Snoqualmie Valley School District are at large – which means all of us can vote for him when our ballots arrive next month. For more info see

Jeff Martine

North Bend

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