Big money is a problem in government, look at legislators’ net worth | Letter

On the letter to the editor about getting big money out of elections: I happen to believe that big money is a problem in our government and so I went on the Internet (to inside and looked up the assets of the senators and representatives of the state of Washington and what I came out with was surprising. Dave Reichert has a net value of $380,003.

Now, we go up to Cantwell; she happens to have $3.44 million of net worth and Suzan Del Bene has a net worth of $74.3 million. Danny Heck has a net worth of $7.27 million, Patty Murray has a net worth of $1.54 million, Cathy McMorris Rodgers has a net worth of $1.26 million, and Dan Newhouse has a net worth of $1.18 million.

I think I will stick with Dave, who, of the whole bunch, was worth less than half a million.

I don’t like the rich cats. He has worked as an average citizen most of his life and the time he spent in government was spent trying to eliminate big government and help those of us who are trying to get by.

Charles Parkins

Fall City

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