Barrett and Solomon families thank Valley for support | Letter

We would like to thank the Snoqualmie Valley community for the outpouring of love, support, food, stories, laughter and tears since the passing of Helen E. (Barrett) Hammond, our one of a kind and beloved Mom and sister.

Special acknowledgement and gratitude to Deanna and Troy Riley, Marlene Connelly, neighbor Gloria, and the Barrett cousins for their time and talents in preparation for her celebration of life on July 1.

To Brookside Acres neighbor and sister-friend, Mary Grina, a huge hug for providing comfort, encouragement and love to Helen and the family over so many years.

Additional thanks to Pastor Steve Qualls for the kindness, care and spiritual guidance delivered to Helen before, during and after her earthly life ended. As well as grace and peace to her prayer warriors, who prayed with her and for her, especially over the last few months.

Lastly, to the Moose family, with a special shout-out to Mike Peabody, who hung with us most of the day to ensure we had what we needed for a celebration that truly honored Helen.

The Valley love is like no other. We are truly blessed to live in this amazing community.

Cliff, Geno and Deric Solomon and families

David and Mary Barrett

North Bend