Background checks do little or nothing to curb crime | Letter

I would like to get serious about misleading information in a letter to the editor concerning background checks.

First, I am a proud member of the NRA and am offended at attacks about this organization that has taught thousands to be responsible gun owners since 1871. I oppose these laws because they are unconstitutional, deny individuals due process of law, have no appeal, and are founded on a de facto presumption of guilt.

Background checks do little or nothing to curb crime, as criminals don’t legally buy guns. Throughout the history of mankind there have been crazy people, and there will continue to be. A background check isn’t going to stop that. If they want to kill, they will find a gun, or a knife or a car.

Now if you still want background checks, let’s get serious about them. Now, they are nothing more than a devious method of gun registration that allows confiscation. Issue a “purchase permit” that can be confirmed with a phone call, good for five years, that allows you to purchase a gun without government registration.

A large portion of the 36,000 gun deaths in 2015 included criminals that police or armed citizens shot while committing crimes. Using your logic, there were 38,300 vehicle deaths in 2015, so why aren’t you demanding background checks every time you purchase a car?

You mentioned the shooting of Congressman Scalise; that shooter was stopped and killed by a good guy with a gun. Survivors of that horrendous incident all said that it would (otherwise) have been a slaughter.

I don’t have a security detail like Congressman Scalise to protect me, so I will protect me and my family and you the best way possible, and oppose any laws that prohibit or infringe on my right to do so.

Dee Wayne Williamson

North Bend