New Fall City Roadhouse owners welcome guests to ‘re-launch’ party Sept. 22 to 25

The Fall City Roadhouse, a 100-year-old restaurant and inn at the junction of Highways 202 and 203, changed ownership on Aug. 1. To celebrate the transition, the new owners are Rob and Debbie Rosemont of Sammamish are putting on a “re-launch” party, Sept. 22 to 25.

Rob had been a high school history teacher at Skyline High School for the past 15 years but decided it was time for a change.

“I was looking for a new challenge and adventure in my professional life. When I saw the Roadhouse was for sale, I decided that was what I wanted to do,” said Rob.

While he doesn’t have specific experience in restaurants, he does have help. “I have some good friends who are in the industry that are mentoring me. And there was already a great staff in place at the Roadhouse, so I am in good hands.”

Changes are underway at the restaurant, Rosemont said, including new paint inside, a redesigned website ( and logo, and a new signs goes up Sept. 21. The menu will also be changing, but Rosemont promised, “We plan to keep all of the menu items that our customers love and add a few others that we think will be great additions.”

Upstairs, a new pub room has been added, adjacent to the Roadhouse’s six little-known guest rooms. The pub will have big-screen televisions, a pool table, and a balcony with seating.