From Italy to the Continent

A downtown North Bend dining establishment has gone through some big changes lately.

  • Thursday, October 2, 2008 9:26pm
  • Business

A downtown North Bend dining establishment has gone through some big changes lately.

Formerly known as Robertiello’s Italiano, the restaurant owned by namesakes Gaston Schaubroeck and Jessica Robertiello has a new name.

The restaurant is now known as Gaston’s Restaurant and Lounge.

The name change reflects new directions in the establishment’s menu, with more European Continental and American fare, though some Italian favorites remain.

With the restaurant going into its eighth year and with other Italian restaurants open in the Valley, Schaubroeck told the Valley Record that it was time for a major menu change.

“We wanted to put more steak and potatoes, seafood and salads on,” he said. “Once we started changing the menu so much, we decided we should change the name, too.”

Back when the theme was still Italian, Schaubroeck would put steaks on a special sheet, and they’d sell well. Now, it was time for them to become a bigger part of the menu.

The new direction came from both wanting to change, and from giving people what they were asking for.

Robertiello’s has an Italian ring, but Gaston “is more of a continental restaurant.”

Other changes included new fisherman-style booths that were gradually added, and beer on tap.

So far, patrons have been very happy with the name and the new menu items.

“We had some of the same people every single night the first few several days, bringing family and friends,” Schaubroeck said. “It’s been very well received.”

“It does get you out of that pigeon-hole, being strictly one thing,” he added. “It’s a nice change, especially with spring coming on.”

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